A social experiment, aiming for world record!

Well, world record? I doubt it. But maybe I got a bit inspired by the olympics. A thought grew in my head, what if a total nobody (in the sense that no one ever heard of you) would step up and break the world record? Would be awesome. But could I do it? No, never in sports anyway. Then I started to think of getting the most retweeted tweet of all time. Could I do that at least? Probably not. But I can always try. But why start small with only Twitter I thought. So I’ll try the get the most shared tweet, Facebook-, LinkedIn- and Google+ update. And of course this blog post.

”Content is king!”. Ok, so I don’t really have any valuable content. There is obviously a pretty big problem right there. Shall I also post a picture with a puppy AND a baby? No, I’m taking a risk. No content. But see it as a social experiment. Can the world of social media help an unkown person to spread absolutely nothing in order to break some kind of world record? I don’t even know what the world record is today.

Another problem is timing. When shall I post all this? What time are the most people in the world awake? I started to run some numbers, but decided to discard the timing issue. Mostly because it’s early in the morning (in Sweden), but also – when I get an idea, I don’t want to wait a couple of hours to release it! And when I write the report next week it will only be a couple of shares anyway. Two from my work account and one from a friend.

And also, my boss got a higher klout than me since their last update.

So, no valuable content and no pictures of animals and kids.

Will you help me?


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5 kommentarer till A social experiment, aiming for world record!

  1. Paula Ruotsalainen skriver:

    har du sett denna? lite samma tema 🙂 http://youtu.be/C2a6NI9Rua0

    • Joakim Aittamaa Lindström skriver:

      Ja, den känner jag till. Sjukt bra! Men där finns i alla fall något att ta på. I det här experimentet vill jag mer se om folk är villiga att sprida… wait for it… ingenting. 🙂

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