Report from my attempt at world record

Ok, better late than never, right? I know I promised that I would give you the numbers after a week. Then two weeks. Well well, here they finally are. Not really that high numbers though, just as one might have expected. I can now say that I didn’t got the world record. Not even close. We’re talking lightyears here. At first, my intention was that I would write a post on this blog, one tweet, one update on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. And in addition to this without minding the timing issue. I guess it took me two hours (tops) before I asked some friends for help with spreading the word. But it still didn’t kick off as I wanted it too. Then I got carried away and started to ask the HubSpot team, Michael Stelzner and Brian Solis for help. Well, they didn’t answer… And why would they?

The very same day I started this social experiment, my friend Deeped Niclas Strandh wrote a piece (in swedish) about the amount of information that keeps get retweeted over and over again. We are going def because of the constant noise about everything and nothing. And the nothing was the whole concept of my experiment. I wanted you all to share – nothing. In that point it’s a very good thing that I failed in my attempt. You are just fed up with the nothingness! Even though I’m pretty sure the real reason is that I’m a totally unknown person. Enough about that. As I actually got some numbers, I might as well share them with you.

Twitter was my strongest channel, as expected from my part. I had more hopes on Facebook, but computer says noooo. Google+ and LinkedIn didn’t give me much either. I will just post the numbers but not the reach. This is for two reasons: Crowdbooster didn’t pick up this tweet for some reason, and second, it wasn’t the main goal. It was the amount of shares I was looking for. I was thinking about doing some nice infographics with reach included and all. But with these numbers… Nah, it’s just not worth it.

Twitter: 62 posts with the link, and 31 retweets of the original post.

Facebook: 4 shares. 2(!) from my friends, one from me, and one from my company. (Thank you very much friends and family!)

Google+: 6 posts with the link. (5 of those from me and my office account.)

LinkedIn: 10 posts with the link. (6 from me in my feed and in groups.)

The blog post got 363 views, with 285 being on the first day. Mostly from Sweden, but also spread throughout the world with US, UK and Åland in the top three behind Sweden. But also from countries in South America, Asia, Africa and from down under. That was fun to see!

The (fairly) high numbers, 10, from Åland is probably due to my friend Mats Adamczak!

Thanks to you who helped me! And to all of you who didn’t, I understand. I would probably not have helped a stranger with this. It’s ridiculous really.

I end this by quoting the Swedish band Victims: This is the end of everything – This is the future of nothing.

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